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Soccer 2019 - 2020
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07/03/20 Silsden v Goole FC, Team Photos and Headshots Click Here    
01/02/20 Silsden AFC v Handsworth Click Here    
25/01/20 Silsden AFC v Knaresborough FC Click Here    
11/01/20 Silsden AFC v Barton OB Click Here    
21/12/19 Thackley AFC v Silsden AFC Click Here    
16/11/19 Silsden AFC v Eccleshill Utd Click Here    
9/11/19 Silsden AFC v Albion Sports Click Here    
02/11/19 Albion Sports v Silsden AFC Click Here    
05/10/19 Silsden AFC v Liversedge Click Here    
21/09/19 Silsden AFC v Yorkshire Amateur Click Here    
18/09/19 FA Youth Cup Silsden AFC v York City Click Here    
07/09/19 Silsden AFC v Garforth Town Click Here    
20/09/19 Silsden AFC v Thackley Click Here    
17/07/19 Silsden AFC v Maltby Main Click Here    
13/07/19 Silsden AFC v Northwich Victoria Click Here    
02/08/19 Penistone Church v Silsden AFC Click Here    

All photos are copyright of David Brett. I do not watermark the files as I hate to spoil photos. If you take some of the low resolution files from the site please consider making a contribution though a paypal donation.